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Assets at Risk

Given a buildings’ aerial footprint and height its total floor space is calculated. This enables the estimation of the value of each residential building (using residential house prices per m2), and the value of non-residential (industrial, commercial and office) buildings. Industrial equipment and machinery value is also estimated by proportionate spatial re-distribution of national capital stock.

For more information on the data, methodology and the way this map was created see:
Lichter M, Felsenstein D (2012) Assessing the Costs of Sea Level Rise and Extreme Flooding at the Local Level: A GIS-Based Approach. Ocean and Coastal Management 59:47-62

Acknowledgement: This research is partially based on work done in the SECOA (Solutions for Environmental Contrasts in Coastal Areas) research project funded by the European Commission, Seventh Framework Programme 2007-2013 under Grant Agreement n° 244251

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