About the laboratory
The risk-management ecology lab integrates theory with empirical studies to understand context-dependency in ecological processes across levels of biological organization. Specifically, we examine how organisms manage risk and the consequences of these defense responses on trophic interactions, ecosystem dynamics, and evolutionary processes. We always use the conceptual merits of our studies to inform conservation.
Wordle of Hawlena's Lab publication titles

acceptable affect alters approach balearic behavior behaviour change chronic confronted decomposition desert die diet direction distance> dynamics ecology ecosystem effects elements escape fear feeding forager initiation insectivorous lilfordi lizards magnitude male nubia nutrient optimal physiological plasticity podarcis predation pressure refuge response risk shy-bold speed striped tail theory trace trait trophic
Watch the video Grasshopper escape performance from Functional Ecology website
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Dror Hawlena's talk from the 2015 "Madua" lecture series